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El Juego

El Juego (The Game), una obra de danza contemporánea-teatro físico-contact dirigida por Rolando Vásquez,

coreografiada por Nazareth Martín. El diseño sonoro y gráfico y la fotografía corre a mi cargo y la interpretación 

a cargo de Mariví da Silva, Begoña Ruiz y Andrea Carrión.


Museum(scape)s is a project composed of semi-abstract photographies that describes the concept of museum not only as a mere container of art. The photographer shows some interstitial spaces of the exhibition room that are generally not visible: these spaces, defined by the artist as “museum landscapes”, are decontextualized and, as a sort of meta-exhibition, they become art by themselves.

Dissolved Selves

Dissolved Selves brings together a series of photographs where the concept of "dissolved identity" is approached from an essentially conceptual perspective. Portrait and Landscape merge to give a sample of the bodies of different people in a semi-abstract way, suggesting that the idea of fixed identity in the human being is both unreal and inaccurate, mainly, due to the multiple experiences that model the "I/Self" throughout our lives. It aims to materialize this cited continuous movement to aditionally bring about an aesthetic vision through the use of pastel tones and a great luminosity as a result of a long exposure and slow oscillation of the body.

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